Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer's Over

Wow! The summer flew by. We seemed to spend most of the summer at the Little League Park. My son played in the major division for the first time. His team won the regular season. Then he played on the 9-10 All Star team. We went 2-2 in district pool play and didn't move on. Then he started playing in a fall league that is still going on.

My daughter played softball for the first time. She has such a small strike zone, that she walked most of the time. She played right field. I think that she enjoyed the team camaraderie more than the actual game. But she says she would like to play again next year.

School started August 12. That seems so early to begin the school year. So now we are getting back into studying and memorizing and projects. The kids were very glad to be back with their friends but not so glad to get back to the schoolwork.

Our fall sports season has started. My son has started hockey training camp. He has moved up to the Pee-wee level. He is a full-time goalie. He will have to adjust to the faster pace of the game.

My daughter will be starting dance classes again. We are still trying to decide what form of dance she will be taking. It will probably be ballet or tap.

As for me, the little girl that I have been babysitting 3 days a week will be going to preschool now. So I will have more time to work on this blog. But I will also be looking for other ways to replace the babysitting income.

I will have several reviews posted this week. I am also working on some author spotlights.

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